Logical Games in Collaborative Education - Transnational meeting in Budapest

Herr Huemer und ich nahmen an diesem ersten Treffen teil. Wir konnten viele neue Beobachtungen und Erfahrungen machen. Fasziniert waren wir von der Idee der ungarischen Kollegen, durch Spiele einmal die Logik, den Hausverstand, die Geschicklichkeit zu trainieren. Andererseits werden durch das Spielen das Sozialverhalten der Kinder geübt. Vom miteinander spiele, spielen in Teams, verlieren können, bis zu Regeln lesen und befolgen, ist alles im Spielkonzept abgedeckt. Nebenbei wird auch noch der Sprachunterricht gefördert, da bei großen Spielnachmittagen Schüler die ihnen zugeteilten Spiele auf Englisch erklären. Im Werkunterricht werden Spiele gerne „in Lebendgröße“ (fast, nicht so ganz ?) nachgebaut!


Invisziert vom Spiele- Virus sind wir nach Hause gekommen, im Gepäck hatten wir Rubik-Würfel und das Spiel Rubik-Race.

Inzwischen gibt es in der NMS Schüler, die den Würfel in Rekordzeit lösen.

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08th November Tuesday

All the partners /Belgian, Spanish, Italian, Austrian) arrived by the afternoon and settled in the hotel except of the Portuguese team which arrived at night.

It was our first meeting so we had our dinner at a small restaurant where we could get to know each other. It was also time to set the framework of the meetings, talk about financial questions and tasks which we will implement in the intermeeting periods.

09th November Wednesday

This morning our guests visited the school for the first time. On this second meeting we informed the Portuguese team about the evening meeting and talked about the next two meetings, agreed on the games and tasks of the intermeeting period. 

Since the program is based on the Hungarian schools talent care program this meeting also worked as a sample for the partners. Although all the programs of the meetings had been fixed in the application it is a matter of question how can they implement them.

The program continued with one of our seventh graders, Botond Takács, who introduced the school with a presentation and Beáta Mencig talked about the work of the Talent Point.

Professor Sándor Kabai’s presentation enriched our knowledge in the field of geometry and made us play with different plastic shapes.

Our junior students gave a presentation of juggling activities then our guests learned how to make and use Poi and Cascade Balls. They liked it a lot and enjoyed trying out their new toys.

In the afternoon on a sightseeing tour our guests got acquainted with the main sights of Budapest. They enjoyed Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park, the Castle District and the spectacular view of the city from the Fisherman’s Bastion.

10th December Thursday

The third meeting was about Hungarian game inventions. In the morning we gathered in the school again. 

Student presentations introduced the Rubik games and all the other fantastic logic games invented by Hungarian people even the newest ones.

A Rubik’s cube expert showed how to solve the cube in an incredibly short time with two and then one hand or blindfolded. Then one of our ex-students gave a presentation on Rubik Race. Then the two experts made a competition show. It was amazing. 

We gave a Rubik Race as a present to all the partner schools and taught how to use it.

Button football is a Hungarian invention and we organized a championship. After a short explanation of rules our guests practiced a bit and then enjoyed the game.

The afternoon Game Party was the high point of the meeting. It worked like a Talent Day what we organize every year but in English. We had student groups from different schools of the district. They went from site to site in the school. At each site they could learn and play a game or two.  Sometimes they worked on a task together. It also happened that they just played next to each other. 

Students explained the rules in English and showed how to play the games. Our partner teachers walked around and learned what games we have, how to play them and the way we arrange a Game Party. Some of them just watched and concentrated on t it while others couldn’t help joining and took part in games.

Guest teachers, student teams and our student experts also enjoyed the game very much. They were prepared, convincing and confident. We had some guests of the Educational Department of the District Council. 

As a closure event we had a reception for guest teachers, players - students of the neighbouring schools - and guests from the District Council.

After lunch we walked around the building of the Hungaian Parliament at night. 

11th December Friday

We organized a bus tour to the Danube Bend. First we had a morning coffee in Szentendre and had a nice walk in the enchanting small streets of the town. 

Next we visited in the gloomy Visegrád Castle and after lunch we arrived at Esztergom. Climbing the crooked steps to the top of the dome was a hard work but the wonderful view was worth it.

Finally, we spent the last evening in a wine cellar where our guests could taste Hungarian wines in Etyek. On the way back we got off the bus at the Christmas Fair in Vörösmarty Square. 

While we were sitting on the bus, as a fourth meeting, we cleared all the details of administrative tasks, the next meeting dates and programmes and talked about the experiences and feelings of the guests about the meeting in Budapest.

12th December Saturday

We said good bye to our gusts.

The transnational meeting served well its aims. Our partners could learn what talent support means to us, how does it work in Vermes Miklós Általános Iskola. They got acquainted with lots of new games and Hungarian game inventions among them. They could see well how student experts teach their mates and work in the Talent Point.

We talked about their problems, doubts on the meeting program and answered all their questions. We also agreed that Rubik’s Cube and Rubik Race are the games that students will learn in the partner schools and there will be an intermeeting competition on three levels: school, district and project.

They arrived home with enthusiasm, inspiring good ideas and lots of Rubik games. We look forward the next meeting in Liege.

        (summary of the Hungarian school)